Same Day MRI Facility

When you are looking for a MRI Testing facility Advanced Physicians might be a great option. We chose Siemens MRI technology, the Siemens technology and design eliminates the need for your entire body and head to be enclosed during the scan. Many patients tell us it’s the most comfortable MRI experience they have ever had.

Save time and hassle

A huge convenience of choosing an orthopedic surgeon at Advanced Physicians is if an MRI is required for diagnosis we are able to get the testing done same day. If physical therapy is needed all of our locations have physical therapist on staff for treatment. Having all of these connected medical services offered by one provider saves you the time of visiting another clinic and reduces the communication time delay between us and the testing facility or prescribing doctor.

Quality Assurance

Many physicians will not accept "open air MRI." Our MRI facility is ACR (American College of Radiology) accredited, which is also a Medicare requirement.

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We work closely with you surgeon

Communication is important for optimal recovery after a surgical procedure. We follow a number of post-surgical protocols and take the necessary steps to optimize healing. We will be in contact with your referring physician for guidance regarding any precautions and/or recommendations based on your particular procedure.

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